Cleansing Spring Salad

Spring is always a great time for a new beginning. I always recommend that you start off each season with cleansing foods and this Cleansing Spring Salad is actually a … Continue Reading →


20 Chemical Exposures Every Woman Should Avoid

There are an estimated 10,000 synthetic chemicals in use today.  Over 700 new chemicals are introduced each year.  Of these, less than 200 are tested for safety by the FDA. … Continue Reading →

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21 Way to Avoid Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are synthetic, chemical compounds that mimic estrogen.  When stored in the body (in your fat cells), they contribute to condition known as “estrogen dominance”.  Estrogen dominance has been linked … Continue Reading →

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What is Peri-menopause

Symptoms of perimenopause can begin earlier than you’d think and can last anywhere from 5-15 years of our life.  So as they arrive, we may not recognize them as being … Continue Reading →


5 Tips For Women Starting Peri-menopause

We’ve all heard that 40 is the new 20.  Unfortunately our bodies haven’t gotten the memo as they continue to move  into menopause.   In your 20′s, you survived the peaks … Continue Reading →


Homemade Non-toxic Anti-static Dryer Balls

If you are avoiding chemical exposure from commercial dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener, the aluminum dryer balls are a great green alternative.   The aluminum absorbs electrical charges so your … Continue Reading →

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Soothing Cucumber Eye Pads

Cucumber water is a soothing substance full of vitamins and minerals.  Since cucumbers are 70% water, they make a great mask for your eyes.  The vitamin K-rich juice reduces capillary size helping … Continue Reading →

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3 Alternatives to Toxic Cookware

Non-stick surfaces are metal pans (such as aluminum pans) coated with a synthetic polymer called polytetrafluoroetheylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon, a DuPont brand trademark. Teflon is in the PFC … Continue Reading →


Herbal Kidney Cleanse

The kidneys are an important detox organ.  So important that we have two and we can’t live without them!  Due to unhealthy diet, poor digestion and stress, the kidneys can … Continue Reading →


8 Ways Soft Drinks Impact Your Health

  From the minute a sip of soda enters your mouth to the time it is absorbed into  your blood stream, it leaves a trail of damage its wake.  Here … Continue Reading →