5 Foods to Avoid During Perimenopause

fooddevilDon’t shoot the messenger, but if you are serious about reducing or eliminating some of your symptoms, take heed of this advice.  Everything you once enjoyed on a daily basis must be consumed sparingly.  Here’s a list of foods and their accompanying symptoms.

Caffeine – Especially coffee, is associated with increased hot flashes, fatigue, irritability, sleep issues and indigestion.

Sugar – We all know this, whether we are in perimenopause or not.  Symptoms caused by high consumption of sugar include fatigue, weight gain, and indigestion.

Refined Carbohydrates – You may have noticed that cookies, cake, bread, rice and pasta go straight to your hips, buttocks and muffin top.  That’s because these simple carbohydrates are quickly broken down into sugars in the body.  You’ll experience the same symptoms as if you’d had a sugary treat.

Unhealthy fats – Most animal fats from conventionally-raised animals are unhealthy due to higher trans fat concentrations.  This includes ‘healthy fats’ from margarine and any foods labeled low fat.  Opt instead for olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, salmon, grass-fed animals and butter/milk products from grass-fed animals.  These provide the omega-3 healthy fats we need for optimal health. You can expect to gain weight and have issues with your gut and heart, by eating unhealthy fats.

Alcohol – Hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain and irritable mood are just a few of the symptoms that come with regular consumption of alcohol.  Yes, there are health benefits to drinking wine.  Limit consumption to 1-2 drinks per week.

How you’ve treated your body in the past has set you up for the health experience you are having today.  Your future health depends on what you do today.  For a healthier tomorrow, follow these steps, plan a cheat day, eat consciously and don’t let food rule you!


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