DL3200x281I am a former research scientist turned wellness coach who assists women in achieving their overall health goals.   In my late 30′s I literally felt like my body was falling apart. Even though I was eating healthy and exercising,  I began having stomach issues after meals and weird heart rhythms that left me out of breath most of the time.  I was even having hot flashes and I felt weak, moody and unable to concentrate.

Instead of drugs or surgery, I began fueling my body with proper nutrition and super foods.  I lost 18 lbs and 15.5 inches, stopped losing my keys and I sleep soundly through the night.  I am 52 now and I’m completely symptom free and on ZERO medication.   After achieving such incredible results for myself and feeling the BEST ever, I wanted other women to experience the possibility of a symptom-free transition into midlife.  Since 2006, I have coached, inspired, and motivated women on four continents to transform their lives physically, emotional, spiritually and financially.

I am truly living my life’s mission!   I’m ready to help you find your passion again and to help you achieve the healthful life you deserve.

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